[PhD, Main Supervisor] Ramya Keerthy Thatikonda [2023-], Monash University
Ramya works on Reasoning with LLMs
Joint with Wray Buntine

[PhD, Co-Supervisor] Hao Yang [2023-], Monash University
Hao works on Safety of Multimodal Foundation Models
Joint with Reza Haffari, Lizhen Qu

[PhD, Co-Supervisor] Minghan Wang [2023-], Monash University
Minghan works on Translation with LLMs
Joint with Reza Haffari, Trang Vu

[PhD, Main Supervisor] Jiuzhou Han [2023-], Monash University
Jiuzhou works on Text Generation and Verification
Joint with Wray Buntine

[PhD, External Advisor] Chang Shu [2023-], Universtiy of Cambridge
Chang works on augmenting and assessing capabilities of large language models
Joint with Nigel Collier

[PhD, External Advisor] Yinhong Liu [2022-], Universtiy of Cambridge
Yinhong works on discourse-guided decoding
Joint with Nigel Collier

[PhD, Co-Supervisor] Jinming (Michelle) Zhao [2021-], Monash University
Michelle works on speech translation
Joint with Reza Haffari

[PhD, Main Supervisor] Dongwon (Kelvin) Ryu [2021-], Monash University
Kelvin works on text-based interactive games
Joint with Shirui Pan, Meng Fang


[MSc, 2023] Adrian Theuma, Monash University
Thesis: Equipping Language Models with Tool Use Capability for Tabular Data Analysis in Finance

[MSc, 2023] Ignatius Ting, Monash University
Thesis: A Novel Biomedical Graph-Text Dataset and Its applications

[Honours,2022] Xinyi (Tina) Li, Monash University
Thesis: In-Context Knowledge Elicitation from Large Language Models

[MSc,2022] Hao Yang, Monash University ↬ PhD at Monash U.
Thesis: Self-supervised Rewiring of Pre-trained Speech Encoders

[PhD,2022] Yi Zhu, University of Cambridge ↬ TikTok
Yi worked on Multilingual Learning with Few Labels
Joint with Anna Korhonen and Ivan Vulić

[PhD,2021] Victor Prokhorov, University of Cambridge ↬ Postdoc at U. of Edinburgh
Thesis: Injecting Inductive Biases into Distributed Representations of Text
Joint with Nigel Collier

[MSc,2021] Jirarote Jirasirikul, Monash University
Thesis: Fine-tuning Pretrained Language Models for Biomedical Tasks

[MSc,2020] Aiswarya Kaladharan, UCL
Thesis: Privacy Preserving Neural Representation for Speech Audio

[MSc,2020] Lan Zhang, UCL ↬ PhD at U. of Manchester
Thesis: Understanding the Latent Space in Variational Autoencoders

[Msc,2020] Lei Yang, UCL
Thesis: Generating Recipes with Deep Neural Models