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Hello! I am an assistant professor in the Department of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence of Monash, and an affiliated lecturer of University of Cambridge. Prior to this, I was an associate lecturer at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of UCL, and before that a postdoc in the Language Technology Lab at University of Cambridge. I have obtained my PhD in Computer Science from Monash University.


  • Deep generatinve models (e.g., generation and representation learning)
  • Bayesian (nonparametric) learning and inference (e.g., application in low-resource NLP)
  • Privacy and interpretability in representation learning and model prediction
  • Utilising biomedical knowledge graphs (e.g., graph-based generation, entity linking)

Future Students.

I am looking for self-motivated strong Ph.D and MSc applications from outstanding candidates with academic backgrounds in Linguistics, Computer Science, Mathematics or related fields, and a keen interest in doing basic research in NLP and ML. Before applying, you will need to put together a research proposal. I do not offer individual support for this. It is a process to assess whether you can write about a research area in a sensible way and pose interesting questions. It is not a commitment to what you will work on during your PhD. Most often PhD topics crystallise over the first year.